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Dry Cooler AEV

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AEV - Rückkühler / Notkühler / Tischkühler von LENNOX

Main Applications:
Co-generation, power plants, process, industry, air conditioning, free cooling and cooling all kinds of fluids compatible with copper.

  • Low space requirements, reduced footprint.
  • High capacity of up to 1,400 kW.
  • Low power consumption, 1 to 3 fans only.
  • Motors capable of operating at high outdoor temperatures of up to 60°C.
  • Extremely low noise level, reduced rotation speeds.
Segment Process, Industry
Family Air cooled Coil
Product Dry Cooler
Type Axial in V
Performance Range 150 > 1400 kW
Fluid Glycolic water
E Solutions Low noise level, Natural cooling media
Eurovent Certified product

Hot dip galvanized steel frame, casing in white pre-painted, galvanized sheet steel.

• The fan assemblies are equipped with Ø1840mm fans with a special blade design, offering a high efficiency and extremely low noise level.
• The blades in synthetic material are highly corrosion and wear resistant.
• The air outlet temperature may be high, the motors being out of the air flux due to the pulleys and belts transmission.
• Asynchronous motors, long file lubricated, three phase, 400V/50Hz, classF, conform to the CEI34-1 norm.
• Fan guards are compliant with safety standards.

The dry coolers are equipped with coils with the following characteristics:
 - Copper tubes in a staggered arrangement and corrugated aluminium fins for optimum heat transfer.
 - Headers with air vents and drain plugs.
 - Connections: steel pipe up to DN50, flanges for larger sizes.

  • Simple and cheap installation (steel pipes)
  • low maintenance costs due to direct driven fans
  • no air and water bacteria contamination
  • no water consumption
  • no steam production
  • flexible use in winter time
  • easy control of fluid temperature in winter time.

An optimised solution (noise level, energy consumption, size, type of temperature control...) due to multiple selection possibilities.

The performance of a dry cooler depends strongly on the operating conditions. With our selection software it is possible to select the most suitable dry cooler for your needs. Please contact us.